[UCL]16/4/2015 (Thu.) PSG vs Barcelona - Football game betting Tips

[UCL]16/4/2015 (Thu.) PSG vs Barcelona – Football game betting Tips

PSG 巴黎圣日耳曼 (H) vs Barcelona 巴塞罗那 (A)

20014/15 UEFA Champions League quarter-finals

Time:16/4/2015 (Thu.) 02:45(GMT+8)


Handicap Recommended (让分推荐)

Barcelona 巴塞罗那 -0.5


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Football analysis(赛事分析):

This is another skirmish in the Champions League quarter-finals between the two enemies. Greater Paris and Barcelona in the Champions League quarter-finals and the 12/13 Champions League this season, leaving a total of four games intensive fight record, the Greater Paris record of one win, two draws and one defeat, the overall results can be described as well-matched, neck and neck, among this season’s Champions League group stage 3-2 home win at home to face Barcelona nearly 3 wins, 2 to secure unbeaten. Greater Paris last round of the playoffs to face the Blues Chelsea, two round total score tied 2-2, with the second leg of the final on away goals in overtime harvested, tenacious out of opponents, the team last weekend in the French Cup final Bastia 4-0 position, won the first championship trophy of the season, the recent four-game winning streak to keep the game, during every game scored at least three goals in good condition. Barcelona visiting team the last round playoff elimination double play Manchester City Blue Moon, smooth cut, and they fight in La Liga last weekend was the state of fiery Sevilla 2-2 to force a tie, the team stayed up past nine winning streak.

Football betting tips(投注贴士):

According to intelligence analysis of epltips88,Handicap Chupan off to the hemisphere in general to Barcelona started in the high water, the current market gradually rose plate to Rangban Yi ball high off the water, off to tend to continue to increase; the 2.5 sub-plate size ball ball high water opened, a large ball keep the water level decline, and the same trend showing up disk. Barcelona set off Rangban Yi liter round ball high water, above the passenger group stage this season, the two teams played against time to make the specifications (off Ping hemisphere rose plate is off to the hemisphere). Race teams fairly recent, it has maintained a very high competitive level. On the whole, there is no advantage in the context of the past war, fighting off Barcelona this off to increase the magnitude of the game has been further enhanced confidence, should be optimistic.


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