[UCL]13/5/2015 (Wed.) Bayern München vs Barcelona – Football game betting Tips

[UCL]13/5/2015 (Wed.) Bayern München vs Barcelona – Football game betting Tips

Bayern München (H) vs Barcelona (A)

2014/15 UEFA Champions League semi-final

Time:13/5/2015 (Wed.) 02:45(GMT+8)


Handicap Recommended

Barcelona +0.25

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Football analysis:

Bayern Munich in the last game in a row to lose. Including factors of injuries, but also take the initiative to give up their league factors we can not deny Bayern mentality of some problems. Like the game against Augsburg in fact lineup neat enough, they still lose, it is a dangerous signal. Favorable factor is that Bayern’s game at home against Barcelona, the most recent is 2 wins and 1 defeat yet. Barcelona striker combination surrender the whole of Europe, Messi is now close to the God, the last round has been Bayern suffered terribly, this game would not stay in power. Bayern had better do a good defense work, or else not turn the dish, pour capsize get hold of the home, they were greeted by boos will be Allianz.


Football betting tips

According to intelligence analysis of epltips88, Bayern game on the exchange volume relatively large number, up to press time, has sold nearly 300,000, should be regarded as a relatively normal phenomenon. But from the point of view market listing, the greater the amount listed some of the draw. This has led to changes in the water level of the game betting primary wins European level are not a small pay rise. British-based companies even more than magnitude 0.1. Bayern must win to extremely negative. Asian plate also includes Aocai including several insisted Pingban not relax. On the view from the perspective of preservation of principal, the transferee better choose Barcelona. As for the tie plate, you can also try to Barcelona. The home team scored urgently needed, there may be loopholes in the defense, SMG may wish to single blog wins. But do not invest too much.

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