[UCL] 7/6/2015 (Sun.) Juventus vs Barcelona - Football game betting tips

[UCL] 7/6/2015 (Sun.) Juventus vs Barcelona – Football game betting tips

Juventus (H) vs Barcelona (A)

2014/15 UEFA Champions League final

Time:7/6/2015 (Sun.) 02:45(GMT+8)

Handicap Recommended

Barcelona -1

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Football analysis:

Juventus this season has been over-done, the league title, the Italian Cup all in the bag, but also broke into the Champions League final. The team had seven times into the Champions League final, but only 2 wins experience, but in the Champions League history remains a record, that is, and Benfica, Bayern Munich won the European championship tied with the most number of times, are up to 5 times, however, Bayern 5 times champion accounted for, such a comparison, they did not win a high efficiency. If Juventus in the Champions League final and then crashed out, it will create the European championship six times become embarrassing record. In other words, Juventus will be the Champions League, “King runner-up.” Barcelona also played well this season, the league and the King’s Cup champions were harvested, access to domestic double title this season. Primera Liga champions is very strong, we take a look at the promotion of road from their first Premier League champions Manchester City exterminate 2013-14 season, followed by French, German champions were conquered, five leagues in Europe sent the Serie A Juventus Tucci did not win, if the Champions League final victory, not only the achievements of three trophies, and complete the “dominate Europe,” a real sense.

Football betting tips

According to intelligence analysis of epltips88, This field Chupan mostly by half an opening, the opening part of the company by a ball, over time, gradually Handicap by a ball to move closer to the water level on the disc appears in the high-water area. Barcelona, although the strength is stronger than Juventus, but also limited, after all, there is no home advantage in the case of Barcelona is hard to say Wensheng “old woman.” Handicap deeper now, Barcelona is the need to win by two goals in order to play Win, Handicap tough, gave their full support. Barcelona have the strength to do that also support the index, there is hope again won the Champions League trophy.

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