[UCL] 7/5/2015 (Thu.) Barcelona vs Bayern München - Football game betting tips

[UCL] 7/5/2015 (Thu.) Barcelona vs Bayern München – Football game betting tips

Barcelona (H) vs Bayern München (A)

2014/15 UEFA Champions League semi-final

Time:7/5/2015 (Thu.) 02:45(GMT+8)


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Barcelona -0.75

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Football analysis:

 In the Champions League semi-final second contest, sits at the Nou Camp in Barcelona will play against rival Bayern Munich, no doubt this is a “cosmic” between teams peak confrontation.Barcelona and Bayern Munich the nine most recent confrontation, the record of two wins, two draws and five defeats. One of the most impressive is that both sides in the 12/13 Champions League semi-final encounter, when precarious Barcelona home and away two rounds are big score (agg 0-7) defeat to Bayern Munich, leaving was not few fans ridiculed the “seven-event.” And since then the two teams played against another intensive warm-up match, the guest of Barcelona continue to foot 0-2 defeat at Bayern, the Bundesliga giants recently left three straight face stigma record.
Barcelona is now almost no major casualties, can be described as sharpening, best players together, MSN striker combination continues to dominate.Bayern team around law enforcement Robben (the season), Franck Ribery both missed the play, and facial injuries striker Lewandowski or general will “mask man” image of the line of fire emergency.

According to intelligence analysis of epltips88, Handicap Chupan more to Barcelona hemisphere high water opened, the current market have l plate to Rangban Yi ball high water, the home team to further deepen the disc; Asian plate size of the ball is out of the 2.5 / 3 balls of deep dish mouth. Barcelona round rose plate Rangban Yi ball, significantly higher than the main teams during a recent game against allow specification (lower hemisphere Tray Ping hemisphere). The field head-World War drama, the fundamentals are evenly matched, the case was no shortage of highlights, Barcelona put on half a ball advantage dish quite credible, it is expected to take the lead at home meritorious deeds, revenge.

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