[Serie A]23/5/2015 (Sat.) Juventus vs Napoli – Football game betting Tips

[Serie A]23/5/2015 (Sat.) Juventus vs Napoli – Football game betting Tips

Juventus (H) vs Napoli (A)

2015 Serie A Round 37

Time:23/5/2015 (Sat.) 23:59(GMT+8)


Handicap Recommended

Napoli -0

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Football analysis:

Juventus this season very well, it will be early champions into her arms, and in the just concluded the Italian Cup final win over Lazio won the championship, finished Serie rule. Now for them, Beijing at 2:45 on June 7 in the Champions League final is the top priority, whether the gains 3 time winner in one fell swoop. Serie A rounds remaining, in addition to the field against Napoli, the final round of the challenge on the road to Verona, how to avoid injuries, meaning where they should be, so there will be retained in the league. Naples photos not much progress than last season, made 63 league currently 36 points ranked No. 4, three points behind Lazio, Champions League qualifying qualification will be their driving force. Naples nearly capsized at home last round of league, the final thrilling 3-2 win over Cesena at home, ending three consecutive games victorious.


Football betting tips

According to intelligence analysis of epltips88, This field Chupan tie plate to the main current Crown and Aocai insisted in the tie plate, Wade, Ming most mainstream companies are adjusted to suffer with high water 0/0.5 plate on the plate. Juventus won the league in advance, as well as close to the Champions League, which will affect the way they treat the game attitude, Naples is not the case, they are full of flutter in Serie A, winning is the goal in this field. Excluding the factors of war, Juventus’s strength is much stronger on too much, mostly against the previous home to the ball, however, today’s disk differentiation, gradually backward by 0/0.5, mainstream companies to release a clear signal, for the “Bianconeri” war is a great question. The games are revealing the tendency to Naples from one war to Handicap, this war they are expected to achieve the desired results.

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