[Serie A]29/4/2015 (Wed.) Udinese vs Internazionale - Football game betting Tips

[Serie A]29/4/2015 (Wed.) Udinese vs Internazionale – Football game betting Tips

Udinese (H) vs Internazionale (A)

2014/15 Serie A Round 33

Time:29/4/2015 (Wed.) 02:45(GMT+8)


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Internazionale -0.25

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Football analysis:

With the last round of Inter Milan striker obsolete Ica Jordi hopefuls in the final moments of the score, 2-1 sluggish recent performance of the red wolf lore Rome, scored a morale boosting victory for the more recent three league 2 wins and a draw to win 2 lose a drive way, showing a certain pick up momentum. But Inter Milan in the last 15 league games only 1 winning streak, the team is still in the ups and downs of the trend habitual.

Udinese beat 2-1 at home last round of the recent state of stable AC Milan, once again showing nerve knife style, terminate the downturn momentum past six league four draws and two losses. Rapid succession, the city of Milan lackluster campaign two giants, or put on some black-test, and their response is no doubt also a concern. Wuji face Inter Milan last six times, a record of 4 wins and 1 loss, nearly 90 times played against six wins, one draw and two losses, to maintain a very impressive competition record.


Football betting tips

According to intelligence analysis of epltips88,The sub-field drive Handicap Chupan general to Inter Milan off to the opening of the high water level hemisphere, off to the position more clear, the current water level stable footwall; Asian plate size ball Chupan 2.5 opening ball high water, and tends drop plate. Inter Milan round off Ping hemisphere, are the two sides played against in the past five seasons off to the highest specifications. Round off to a stable international Milan, or have the opportunity to realize the counter-attack and revenge Wuji.

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