[Serie A]Sta. 4 Apr. 2015 Roma vs Napoli

[Serie A]Sta. 4 Apr. 2015 Roma vs Napoli

Roma 罗马 (H) vs Napoli 那不勒斯 (A)

2014/15 Serie A

Time:Saturday, April 4, 2015 18:30(GMT+8)


Handicap Recommended (让分推荐):

Napoli 那不勒斯+0.25


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Soccer analysis(赛事分析):

Beijing on April 4, Saturday 18:30 pm, Serie 29 contest. Where a strong collision. Rome, Naples, home to usher challenge, Naples in the league with 13 wins, 8 draws and 5 losses record seven strong performance. And Rome, the 14 wins, 11 draws and 3 losses record in the league two, the same is not weak. Almost since the two sides fight to a draw in the last 10 encounters, including Rome 4 wins and 1 draw and five losses have slightly inferior, but the last three encounters, were defeated Rome, met for the first time this season, 0-2 without even a guest of Rome fight back.

Betting tips(投注贴士):

According to intelligence analysis of epltips88,Pingban dish of water out of the home team. Handicap opened little changed so far. And Europe lost, the odds out of 233 combination, where the odds are relatively high levels of combinations out, particularly the outcome of the confrontation showed a significant pay trend, but after the odds for winning combinations pay out obviously somewhat biased, decline more, and are more negative compensation level tends to rise. From the present situation seems to indicate Rome gaming companies are expected to return home for revenge, as the Roman home record this season is really good, 7 wins, 6 draws and only one loss, but the performance is not stable, not necessarily face old rivals play advantage, so I think this is clearly intended Pingban not believe everything on the plate, but strong confrontation draw reasonable.


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