[La Liga]30/4/2015 (Thu.) Villarreal vs Atlético Madrid - Football game betting Tips

[La Liga]30/4/2015 (Thu.) Villarreal vs Atlético Madrid – Football game betting Tips

Villarreal (H) vs Atlético Madrid (A)

2015 La Liga Round 33

Time:30/4/2015 (Thu.) 04:00(GMT+8)


Handicap Recommended

Villarreal +0.25

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Football analysis:

Atletico Madrid now achieved 22 wins, six draws and 5 losses record in the league 3, although Real Madrid, Barcelona has been to widen the gap, but still maintain the advantages of the integration, the Champions League is not a problem. Where guests record eight wins, four draws and four losses equally strong, is currently out of the home team Handicap +0.25 intraday high water on the plate is still greater confidence. The last 10 games in addition to the Champions League loss to Real Madrid derby defeat, the league unbeaten, strength worthy of support.

Villarreal, currently 14 wins, 11 draws and 8 losses record in the league 6, where 10 home wins and one draw and 5 losses also doing well. The two sides clash in the last 10 basic close call, in which Atletico Madrid has yielded five wins and one draw and four losses ahead, but met for the first time at home this season, have been subjected to attack, and ultimately guests Villa 1-0 away victory, transferee under strong confrontation at home plate significantly more robust.


Football betting tips

According to intelligence analysis of epltips88, The campaign Atletico Madrid did not win grasp. In particular, on the basis of a stranger, although the war in Europe intends to return after losing the league, but the opponent is also very strong at present. Confrontation is not dominant in the case of a stranger is not enough to get the ball to withstand, Europe lost out odds of 332 combinations, which together with the high level of negative compensation open, Kelly index is currently higher overall data, and win compensation actually done enough to prevent obviously not for Atletico Madrid away to get out of grasp, so the chance is very big upset. 1-0,2-1,1-1 recommend the score, the two sides more robust, more reasonable score deadlocked.

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