[La Liga]19/4/2015 (Sun.) Real Madrid vs Málaga - Football game betting Tips

[La Liga]19/4/2015 (Sun.) Real Madrid vs Málaga – Football game betting Tips

Real Madrid 皇家马德里 (H) vs Málaga 马拉加 (A)

20015 La Liga Round 32

Time:19/4/2015 (Sun.) 02:00(GMT+8)


Handicap Recommended (让分推荐)

Real Madrid 皇家马德里 -2.25


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Football analysis(赛事分析):

Real Madrid midweek Champions League quarter-finals to face Atletico city nemesis, the tide changed when the first battle, the game fully take initiative and dominance, but ultimately failed to advantage into a winning situation, 0-0 boring level opponents. Because the last round away to Barcelona drop points, so integral to narrow the gap between Real Madrid and Barcelona to two points, saw hope to catch up; I believe in the current intensive schedule the same pressure, if the team unremitting catch up, there will be re-ascent glimmer of hope. The visiting Malaga last round of league matches 2-2 draw with Atletico tenacious, nearly four leagues, two draws and two losses, nearly six league vice squad only beat Cordoba, performance is not satisfactory; Malaga currently Points WWI district standings remain five points behind, but with their recent performance, the impact of the war in Europe want to district, apparently not much hope. League for the first time this season, Real Madrid face Malaga 2-1 away win, the last 10 at the Bernabeu to face Malaga nine wins and a draw, the advantage is more abundant.

Football betting tips(投注贴士):

According to intelligence analysis of epltips88,Handicap instant generally out Real Madrid two goals / goals and a half high water, more stable overall Handicap; Asian plate size of the ball is out of 3.75 ball high depth dish, deep dish on the ball to give a more adequate and reasonable support and match. Real Madrid round of the main to two goals / goals and a half, belonging to the warring parties in the past highest Listings, let the ball deep dish under the support should be able to successfully captured opponents.


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