[La Liga]1/5/2015 (Fri.) Granada vs Espanyol - Football game betting Tips

[La Liga]1/5/2015 (Fri.) Granada vs Espanyol – Football game betting Tips

Granada (H) vs Espanyol (A)

2015 La Liga Round 34

Time:1/5/2015 (Thu.) 04:00(GMT+8)


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Football analysis:

Espanyol is a strength of the middle and lower reaches of the Spanish team. Their players as long as they play a little known, teams will soon be poached. Even their coach has often been dug object. Valentino before Rinpoche was poached. Espanyol now ranks in the middle, and do not mean to give up. The home team Granada on the brink of relegation. Due to the foregoing Almeria has been more than 6 points than them. Obviously, after the game, Granada likely widened to 9 points behind. Because their status is really bad. He has not won many games.

Football betting tips

According to intelligence analysis of epltips88, Aocai out of 0/0.5 Handicap, this should not ignore. Handicap if established, the Espanyol win it, but a big risk. The poor state of the home team, the visiting team undefeated actually more prudent choice.

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