[La Liga]10/5/2015 (Sun.) Barcelona vs Real Sociedad - Football game betting Tips

[La Liga]10/5/2015 (Sun.) Barcelona vs Real Sociedad – Football game betting Tips

Barcelona (H) vs Real Sociedad (A)

2015 La Liga Round 36

Time:10/5/2015 (Sun.) 00:00(GMT+8)


Over/Under Recommended

Under 4/4.5

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Football analysis:

Barcelona currently top of the league in offensive efficiency extraordinarily high, and both attack and defense, is currently 28 wins, 3 draws and 4 losses record no one can block, in which a total of MSN combination scored 108 goals, had pressed Real Madrid is known as the history of the Trident strong. Currently Handicap two goals and a half out of three handicap start, it has been increased to three-ball half Sanqiu disk, another recently opened three times in the same circumstances Chupan Barcelona full win, including two made four goals advantage quite scary.

Real Sociedad, currently have 10 wins and 13 draws and 12 losses record in the league in the middle, where most of the points from the home, currently 1 wins, 8 draws and 8 losses guest record is very embarrassed. According to news Scores net data show that since the two sides last 10 encounters, Barcelona four wins, two draws and four losses does not seem an advantage, but the case of the same subject and object very terrible has 9 consecutive wins for the first time this season, Barcelona meet guests 0-1 lost to rivals, but it seems that not much impact for the campaign.


Football betting tips

According to intelligence analysis of epltips88, Barcelona win almost be welcomed. Barcelona currently handicap is not yet stable, still entangled in the range of three balls of the disc. However, the water level on the plate has always maintained the advantage, compared to the lower plate but lifeless, often being a corner. Europe lost basically has not much investment value, as low as 1 win compensation has almost become a fixed number, campaign Barcelona priority must be to win, at least you can guarantee not to be caught up, in addition to the establishment of substantially Real Madrid on goal difference difficult beyond, it seems to be more concerned about the war in Europe, compared to the inevitable but also want a good rest, but on the defensive end as nothing more firm Royal Society, recommend 3-0,4-0 score.

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