[La Liga]19/4/2015 (Sun.) Granada vs Sevilla - Football game betting Tips

[La Liga]19/4/2015 (Sun.) Granada vs Sevilla – Football game betting Tips

Granada格拉纳达 (H) vs Sevilla塞维利亚 (A)

20015 La Liga Round 32

Time:19/4/2015 (Sun.) 23:00(GMT+8)


Over/Under Recommended (大小球推荐)

Under 小球2.5


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Football analysis(赛事分析):

Sevilla week experienced European Cup semi-final, final at home to Russian super giants Zenit reversal of lore, once again showing tenacious fighting style. Sevilla recent 10 race record of 8 wins, 2 draws, only Atletico Madrid and Barcelona during their winning momentum can stop, but the way the disc is maintained for 11 consecutive rounds Win in disk performance slightest way La Liga is not inferior to any team. Every game the first three games against Sevilla and Granada league this season, and the King’s Cup, keeping three-game winning streak, three games into the opponent bombers totaling 11 goals, nearly six meetings for six consecutive victories, at least during the attack into the opponents two goals, Battle enormous advantage.

Granada home team relegation battle last round 0-3 away defeat to Almeria, nearly five league two draws and three losses, only 1 Win records, nearly 10 league wins and only one, a total of only 10 games played into a goal; continuing sluggish performance make them in the standings has been completely degraded into a whirlpool. For World War spoils and recent strong performance in Seville, Granada round home will be subjected to a serious test.

Football betting tips(投注贴士):

According to intelligence analysis of epltips88,Sevilla round hemisphere concessions, remains off the two teams this season’s King’s Cup in dealing let specifications. However, considering the excessive heat in Seville on fundamentals, as well as the will of the home team’s relegation, the home team must remain Granada upset potential. The big ball games to take the heat, the ball can try.


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