[EPL]Sat. 11 Apr. 2015 Swansea City vs Everton - Soccer Tips

[EPL]Sat. 11 Apr. 2015 Swansea City vs Everton – Soccer Tips

Swansea City 斯旺西 (H) vs Everton 埃弗顿 (A)

2014/15 EPL Round 32

Time:Saturday, April 11, 2015 19:45(GMT+8)


Handicap Recommended (让分推荐):

Swansea City 斯旺西 -0


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Soccer analysis(赛事分析):

Swansea 3-1 home win over relegation last round of Premier League team Hull City, recently toppled two successive league relegation molecules continue to play the role of bad cop weak cold Shiqiang; by virtue of two leagues recently harvested 6 points standings Swansea also continue to consolidate the position of the first eight of the league. Away team Everton last round home with Defender Jiajierka goal, four 1-0 teams compete successfully blocking Southampton, saints toffee recent league victory also made the third consecutive victory in the League team seems to usher in the end of the late spring. Swansea face Everton last nine times, the record of one win, two draws and 6 defeats, four home wins and 3 losses, Versus obvious disadvantage; both sides of the English League Cup last season with the league’s first two games against Sri Lanka Swansea 1-1 draws, during the 3-0 defeat England Cup stadium toffee, a little hint to save face.

Betting tips(投注贴士):

According to intelligence analysis of epltips88,Handicap Chupan common to Swann intraday low water main to tie started, the current trend in the market are keeping up the disk, so that the tendency to further increase the Lord; Asian plate size ball from the ball high water Chupan 2.5 drive down to 2.25 ball in the water. With Everton’s recent recovery, the overall fundamentals of the advantages of Swansea is not no small round face oncoming opponent, strengthen the confidence to get the ball, can not be ignored.


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