[EPL]9/5/2015 (Sat.) Crystal Palace vs Manchester United - Football game betting Tips

[EPL]9/5/2015 (Sat.) Crystal Palace vs Manchester United – Football game betting Tips

Crystal Palace (H) vs Manchester United (A)

2015 EPL Round 36

Time:9/5/2015 (Sat.) 00:30(GMT+8)


Over/Under Recommended

Over 2.5

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Football analysis:

Crystal Palace and Manchester United recently played against the 45th, the record of six wins, 10 draws and 29 losses, including the English Premier League competition record of 5 wins, six draws and 18 losses. The Crystal Palace last season since re-upgrade, nearly three times the face Manchester United suffered three defeats, three games a ball does not enter. This season, both league opener, Manchester United at Old Trafford with Spain midfielder Mata’s goal, 1-0 victory over Crystal Palace.

Football betting tips

According to intelligence analysis of epltips88, Handicap Chupan more to Manchester United started off Rangban Yi ball high water, the current market have to drive down to the low water off to the hemisphere; Asian plate size ball Chupan 2.5 goals high water opening, now tends to drive down. Both teams have recently suffered three straight blow. In comparison, the Crystal Palace has been the home team ahead of relegation, seeding, while still trying to keep Manchester United top four position, theoretically have greater war. But the fundamentals are not bad but to Manchester United, the current off to occur handicap obviously shaken, this road trip would not necessarily pleasant relaxed.

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