[FA Cup]31/5/2015 (Sun.) Arsenal vs Aston Villa – Football game betting Tips

[FA Cup]31/5/2015 (Sun.) Arsenal vs Aston Villa – Football game betting Tips

Arsenal (H) vs Aston Villa (A)

2015 FA Cup

Time:31/5/2015 (Sun.) 00:30(GMT+8)


Handicap Recommended:

Aston Villa +1.25

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Football analysis:

170 times the two teams recently played against Arsenal 68 wins and 42 level 60 negative. The two teams in the last 10 games against Arsenal 7 wins 2 losses, both sides were two rounds of the league this season with great overwhelming score 3-0 and 5-0 double play Vera zero seal. Villa last beat Arsenal in the league last season opener, front Pa Bent scored twice to help Aston Villa 3-1 upset win at the Emirates Stadium. The first 13 games against teams in the FA Cup level, Arsenal 7 wins, 3 draws, 3 losses; the two sides last played against FA Cup experience was in the 11/12 season, the fourth-lap race, the game two goals behind in the first half Arsenal eventually Lianban three goals in the second half, a strong reversal to win.

Football betting tips

According to intelligence analysis of epltips88, Handicap Chupan Arsenal are the main Rangyi Qiu high water opened, the current level on the plate to the general decline in low water, rose plate trend perfectly predictable; Asian plate size ball Chupan 2.5 places the ball high water opening, the same l plate with a certain potential. Neutral Rangyi Qiu, very close to Arsenal’s FA Cup final last season against Hull City makes disk size (eventually the two sides battle into a 2-2 tie). Taking into account the obvious advantages and the squad to play against Arsenal on Chupan main Rangyi Qiu, the start is still insufficient, which is also the prospect of adding the gunmen finals worries.

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