[EPL]29/4/2015 (Wed.) Hull City vs Liverpool - Football game betting Tips

[EPL]29/4/2015 (Wed.) Hull City vs Liverpool – Football game betting Tips

Hull City (H) vs Liverpool (A)

2014/15 EPL Round 33

Time:29/4/2015 (Wed.) 02:45(GMT+8)


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Liverpool -0.5

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Football analysis:

Reds Liverpool last round away draw by West Bromwich Albion tenacious, seems to have come out from the shadow of defeat in the FA Cup, but also missed a great opportunity to chase points Manchester United lose this round. Have been eliminated in the major tournament, the Red Army is currently fifth in the league only to the chicken-like places to fight the war in Europe. Rescheduling the road to face relegation round of the league team Hull City, the Red Army, no doubt, will fall into a bitter fight; the two sides this season at Anfield, Liverpool will face the opponent’s stubborn resistance, and ultimately forced into a 0-0 draw, nearly 3rd road surface tiger City 1 2 negative, performance is quite embarrassed.

Hull City 2-0 last round of league success has been ahead of the relegation blocking Crystal Palace, made a very valuable three points away from home, ending three-game losing streak and a severe downturn in the league nearly 6 2 4 negative. Currently Hull line just ahead of relegated Sunderland 1 minute, still confusion among the swirl in the relegation. A favorable information is Hull City, Liverpool have recently faced with a very good competition record of the past five games against the two wins, two draws and one defeat, almost a rival killer.


Football betting tips

According to intelligence analysis of epltips88,The sub-field drive Handicap Chupan general to Liverpool Rangban Yi ball high off the water opening, the current market are lower plate is off to the hemisphere in the high water; Asian plate size ball from the ball high water Chupan 2.5 drive down to 2 / 2.5 goals in the high water. Liverpool set off to round down the hemisphere, is still among the highest in the league this season so far off they let index. The field when his team Hull City fundamentals quite bright, and Liverpool Listings still not too relaxed and vague, not let the opponent income meters.

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