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[EPL]2/5/2015 (Sat.) Aston Villa vs Everton – Football game betting Tips

Aston Villa (H) vs Everton (A)

2015 EPL Round 35

Time:2/5/2015 (Sat.) 22:00(GMT+8)


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Aston Villa +0

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Football analysis:

Aston Villa 2-3 last round of guest Ittihad Stadium Hanfu Blue Moon City, stopped in the past three games 2 wins and 1 unbeaten rhythm, nearly five games 2 wins 2 losses, Odds win 3 lose 2, the last five league games only win one, despite recent historic FA Cup finals, but the momentum of the league points race in general, currently only two points ahead relegation line, the situation is very grim. A strong rebound in the current round vs. Everton toffee, described as a fiasco.

Everton last round 3-0 home win over Manchester United, continue to maintain a good record in recent years home to face opponents; since the European Cup was eliminated, nearly six Premier League Everton won five wins and 1 excellent record , Win six games in a row to maintain continuous period Southampton and Manchester United toppled rival leagues, etc., a total of six games only two clean sheets in the closing stages of the league finally ushered into the late spring. Nearly three times the face Aston Villa Everton for 3-game winning streak, nearly five times the grips 4 wins and a draw, Versus obvious advantages.


Football betting tips

According to intelligence analysis of epltips88, The sub-field drive Handicap universal Vila high water main to tie plate opening, currently the home team level fell slightly; Asian plate size ball after another drop from 2.5 Chupan ball high water dish is 2 / 2.5 goals in low water. Vera round main to tie plate, above the main two recent games against two of the season to make specification (transferee flat hemisphere), opening a breakthrough; menacing face Everton, Aston Villa not expected to keep the home failure of the body.

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