[EPL]24/5/2015 (Thu.) Stoke City vs Liverpool – Football game betting Tips

[EPL]24/5/2015 (Thu.) Stoke City vs Liverpool – Football game betting Tips

Stoke City (H) vs Liverpool (A)

2015 EPL Round 38

Time:24/5/2015 (Sun.) 22:00(GMT+8)

Handicap Recommended:

Stoke City+0.25

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Football analysis:

Liverpool last round 1-3 home defeat in the battle curtain call after Crystal Palace Lien-game losing streak, but also to their exploits captain Steven Gerrard at Anfield farewell fight marked by a layer of haze. Liverpool nearly six game one win, two draws and three losses, only at home during the thrilling beat relegated teams Queens Park Rangers, recently made only eight league two races, drive way win 2 lose 6; since stoop performance, Liverpool completely lost hope of the Champions League competition, and only the first seven leading team Southampton two points of them, the status of the war in Europe region is not without risk.

Stoke City 0-0 away boring flat ahead of the last round of downgrade Burnley, Jin Lianglun 1 win 1 level, nearly six league 2 wins and 3 draws and one defeat, drive way win 4 lost 2, only lost force during Swansea, recent six league matches and only lost state brave Crystal Palace, the recent relatively good overall performance. Stoke City last three against Liverpool suffered three straight, but the last seven at home against the Reds 3 wins, 2 draws and 2 losses, the main battle is not to cede ground.

Football betting tips

According to intelligence analysis of epltips88, The sub-field drive Handicap Liverpool are off to Chupan hemisphere low water level opening, the current disk tray showing signs of a slight rise, but did not amount to anything; Asian plate size ball Chupan generally out of the 2.5 / 3 ball high water. Liverpool round off Ping hemisphere, belongs to history relatively shallow dish. Stoke City has no index pressure, while Liverpool have to keep the seat area of the war in Europe. But in theory, a more intense war of Liverpool, the current round of fighting off the platter only show people, an exercise phase defeated. SMG tend to the home team undefeated main win or play opportunities.

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