[EPL]24/5/2015 (Thu.) Manchester City vs Southampton – Football game betting Tips

[EPL]24/5/2015 (Thu.) Manchester City vs Southampton – Football game betting Tips

Manchester City (H) vs Southampton (A)

2015 EPL Round 38

Time:24/5/2015 (Sun.) 22:00(GMT+8)

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Football analysis:

Blue Moon Manchester City last round of guest Liberty Stadium with midfielder Yaya Toure magical play, 4-2 win over the recent upset victory over Arsenal Swansea power to send the team in recent 5 league for five-game winning streak, five games game total slammed 16 goals as much as the way to win the 4-input tray 1, Jin Lianglun League entered Shuafen mode, effective performance. With exciting performance of the final stage, Manchester City ahead of locking league qualification, still in the standings to beat city rivals Manchester United and Arsenal, for whom have at least a trace of comfort.

Southampton last round at home against relegation troops Aston Villa, 15 minutes before the game will get 3 goals lead, eventually 6-1 rout of rivals, vaguely showing their presence at peak condition. Aston Villa’s victory, ending the Saints last four league numerous embarrassing; currently only one point behind Tottenham they still fight six hope that the current round of guests Ittihad Stadium naturally not easily disarmed.

Football betting tips

According to intelligence analysis of epltips88, The sub-field drive Handicap Chupan generally out of Manchester Rangyi Qiu high water, the current level on the plate remain under upward pressure; Asian plate, the size of the ball, opening 3 / 3.5 ball deep dish. Manchester City round Rangyi Qiu, let the disc is clearly insufficient. Manchester City the latest rounds of the basic state of play and record peak time, the fundamentals should not bad, this home ending the war, the face of the war, but failed to show proper Handicap advantage, the main victory in doubt.

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