[EPL]21/5/2015 (Thu.) Arsenal vs Sunderland – Football game betting Tips

[EPL]21/5/2015 (Thu.) Arsenal vs Sunderland – Football game betting Tips

Arsenal (H) vs Sunderland (A)

2015 EPL Round 38

Time:21/5/2015 (Thu.) 02:45(GMT+8)


Handicap Recommended

Arsenal -1.5

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Football analysis:

Arsenal currently recorded at 21 wins and eight draws and seven losses record in the league 3, less competition in the next round, the No. 2 on the standings, five points behind than City, ranked No. 4 in two points ahead of Manchester United, Champions League initiative still in their own hands, but still have the opportunity to strive for. Currently Handicap out Qiuban intraday high water started to rise gradually from the high water dish ball half two goals, the disc seems to larger confidence, but the recent state better Arsenal, the players also relatively neat lineup, the rest of the game almost without hesitation.

Sunderland, a game in the same situation, and was recorded 7 wins and 16 losses record level of 13 is currently ranked 16th in the league, relegation pressure is not entirely the remaining two away against Arsenal and Chelsea a lot of pressure . The two sides clash in the last 10 cases, the Arsenal for six wins, three draws and one loss record good performance, while the last four encounters ended in victory and in which there are three games to keep more than two goals in goal difference, the situation is not under the plate optimistic.


Football betting tips

According to intelligence analysis of epltips88, The campaign Arsenal might once again adding insult to injury. Sunderland currently relegation from the top 18 of the main rivals Hull City, which is the last round against Manchester United must win to avoid relegation, but as long as Sunderland get 1 point two games later, the suspense will be solved. But Arsenal still be pursued, and not give up easily mean. Sunderland inevitable under the head-lose situation, the current European pay out 1.3 5.5 11+ odds combination is very favorable for Arsenal, and Arsenal better state, home victory worth the wait, the score 2-0 recommendation , 3-0,3-1.

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