[EPL]19/5/2015 (Tue.) West Bromwich Albion vs Chelsea – Football game betting Tips

[EPL]19/5/2015 (Tue.) West Bromwich Albion vs Chelsea – Football game betting Tips

West Bromwich Albion (H) vs Chelsea (A)

2015 EPL Round 37

Time:19/5/2015 (Tue.) 03:00(GMT+8)


Handicap Recommended

Chelsea -0.5

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Football analysis:

Chelsea now a full 84 points ahead of Manchester City with 11 points, winning is an indisputable fact. The record was recorded 25 wins, 9 draws and 2 losses very high-handed, which has not lost at home, a guest 11 wins, 5 draws and 2 losses record is also quite sharp. On the plate just out of the current common Handicap home team transferee hemisphere and half a plate started, most of the current unity to the transferee hemisphere dish of water, relatively consistent Handicap, but the last three times out of the same type of situation Handicap win 1 times.

Rivals West Bromwich Albion, currently in the middle reaches of the league, 10 wins and 11 flat 15 negative record of 41 points substantially downgrade pressure, including home wins, four draws and 8 losses quite satisfactory. The two sides met in the last 10, West Bromwich Albion made only 2 wins, 2 draws and 6 losses at a disadvantage, but the last three seasons in the league home defeat to Chelsea’s record is not stable, and the last three of the same type Handicap footwall fully win the case, it can not be ignored.


Football betting tips

According to intelligence analysis of epltips88,The campaign is expected to glory Chelsea. Although Win rate and not much advantage in battle situations. But Chelsea this season to see progress in recent years, be able to win more than 10 points ahead of Manchester United’s most glorious period only, while Chelsea is very trustworthy current record, the league for 18 games unbeaten naturally want to be easily broken, the current European pay open out of 432 odds combinations pay out close to a negative 1.9, while at the same time opened Kappei pay intent made cold, chances are not great, so very easy win on the disc, the score is recommended 1-2,0-2,0- 1.

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