[EPL]19/4/2015 (Sun.) Chelsea vs Manchester United - Football game betting Tips

[EPL]19/4/2015 (Sun.) Chelsea vs Manchester United – Football game betting Tips

Chelsea 切尔西 (H) vs Manchester United 曼彻斯特城 (A)

20015 EPL Round 33

Time:19/4/2015 (Sun.) 00:30(GMT+8)


Handicap Recommended (让分推荐)

Chelsea  切尔西 -0.5


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Football analysis(赛事分析):

With the last round of Premier League away Fabregas Chelsea lore ball, tough 1-0 defeat Queens Park Rangers. Despite nearly three league win momentum continues, but the process is not easy. Blues recent 15 tournament in early March, only to face the Football League Cup finals Tottenham had a two-goal margin of victory records showed poor rest of the tournament, only scored a total of 15 race 20 into ball; offensive pale data largely led to their early exit in the Champions League fate. The visiting team the last round of Premier League Manchester derby with Manchester City midfielder to force several performance, multi-flowering, 4-2 comeback win over rivals Manchester City, Manchester City face war ended four-game losing streak record of shame. In mid-February after Swansea defeat away to Manchester United the league for six consecutive victories, especially the recent devil race successive defeat to Liverpool, Manchester City and so wealthy rivals, faintly showing the Red Devils at the peak of the military league competition. Nearly 10 times the Blues face the Red Devils, the record of 3 wins, 5 draws and 2 losses, 10 home 4 wins, 3 draws, 3 losses, can be described as well-matched; but the two sides this season, the league opener, Chelsea with Drogba scored the first to break the deadlock Under the circumstances, he was Robin van Persie scored the equalizer in stoppage time goal, lost 3 points.

Football betting tips(投注贴士):

According to intelligence analysis of epltips88,Handicap Chupan more to Chelsea started the water main to the hemisphere, currently the highest level on the plate sharply elevated water, some companies can still be seen descending plate adjustment; Asian plate size ball further down from 2.5 the ball high water dish trend. State instability Blues return to the peak of the current round face Manchester United, Chelsea round battle fortresses undoubtedly a strong impact. However, Chelsea handicap chupan hemisphere water, opening the starting point is not low, the latter seems to be the intention to cater to drive down the Red Devils the recent rebound. Taken together, the recent momentum somewhat bleak Chelsea, the current round of Battle of King Mountain is not necessarily usher in a timely outbreak, and should not be underestimated.


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