[EPL]17/5/2015 (Sun.) Swansea City vs Manchester City – Football game betting Tips

[EPL]17/5/2015 (Sun.) Swansea City vs Manchester City – Football game betting Tips

Swansea City (H) vs Manchester City (A)

2015 EPL Round 37

Time:17/5/2015 (Sun.) 20:30(GMT+8)

Handicap Recommended

Manchester City -0.75

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Football analysis:

Manchester City gradually find the state, the last round of league 6-0 victory at home to relegation Queens Park Rangers successfully made four straight, including three games zero closure opponents. They achieved this victory, the plot in the standings 73 points ranked No. 2, ahead of the first 3 Arsenal 3 points, runner-up this season’s hopes. Manchester City has made the league four straight, nearly five league games into 14 balls, including Aguero nearly five league and scored 8 goals, but he never had achieved six consecutive games scoring in the Premier League.

Swansea came in the middle position, currently 36 league get 56 points ranked No. 8, from the first five of Liverpool six points, they have quit the European Union status next season’s competition, on this record, the photos than last season there is progress. The team’s recent state is very good, the last round 1-0 victory over Arsenal in the league, to get three in a row. Swansea has made three straight league after just over 1 four straight experience, round face Manchester City tied this record is not easy. The two sides nearly six warring, Swansea 1 win 1 draw and four losses, including nearly three times all lost.

Football betting tips

Swansea war now inadequate, but the recent performance is very good, the last round burst Arsenal, hit Manchester City is not without strength to fight. But no tendency Asian Handicap home team, Manchester City side of the bias evident, and the dish of water does not exceed the average of water on the face of the disc tray advantageous. Manchester big advantage, great hope to win the final victory. Manchester big fry the other side some difficulty, it is recommended not to keep the ball off wins more secure.

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