[EPL]17/5/2015 (Sun.) Liverpool vs Crystal Palace – Football game betting Tips

[EPL]17/5/2015 (Sun.) Liverpool vs Crystal Palace – Football game betting Tips

Liverpool (H) vs Crystal Palace (A)

2015 EPL Round 37

Time:17/5/2015 (Sun.) 00:30(GMT+8)


Handicap Recommended

Crystal Palace +1.25

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Football analysis:

Liverpool last round of guest at Stamford Bridge to face Chelsea have won in advance, with the exploits of captain Steven Gerrard is about to leave until near the end of the first half header Qiangdian, 1-1 draw with rivals. Army recently four league wins, 2 draws and one defeat, only during tough home defeat to relegation team Queens Park Rangers, the performance is quite frustrated and difficult. Currently in the standings behind Manchester United six points, goal difference and they obviously suffer, almost early exit tickets for the Champions League competition. Round at Anfield Xiemu Zhan, once again become fully-fledged Rongyuzhizhan Red Army.

Crystal Palace last round 1-2 home loss to Manchester United, failed to stop the recent trend of losing streak, nearly four leagues brightest face menacing opponents, locked in advance of their relegation situation again and again sent three points, the last two league still hard to change this trend. This season, both league opener, the Crystal Palace was in their own home 3-1 upset victory over the Red Army, nearly four times against 1 win and 2 losses, Battle disadvantage is not obvious.


Football betting tips

According to intelligence analysis of epltips88,The sub-field drive Handicap more to Liverpool Qiuban high water opening, the current market have to drive down to the main Rangyi Qiu / ball half, reduce the main to the specifications, and the disc is still in the ultra-high level, not necessarily no further drop possible disk; Asian plate size ball is relatively stable for 2.5 / 3 ball high water level. The Red Army home Xie Muzhan field, but also an urgent need to revive the morale of Rongyuzhizhan, face already seeding Lien-game losing streak and the recent opponent, the odds still occurs greatly shaken, fear not worry.

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