[EPL]16/5/2015 (Sat.) Queens Park Rangers vs Newcastle United – Football game betting Tips

[EPL]16/5/2015 (Sat.) Queens Park Rangers vs Newcastle United – Football game betting Tips

Queens Park Rangers (H) vs Newcastle United (A)

2015 EPL Round 37

Time:16/5/2015 (Sat.) 22:00(GMT+8)


Handicap Recommended

Queens Park Rangers +0.25

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Football analysis:

Newcastle United’s 1-1 draw at home last round impressive recent record rival West Bromwich Albion, 8-game losing streak finally stopped their league profound decline, which also eased the relegation situation is more urgent. Newcastle currently only leading line of Hull City relegation two points, on goal difference at the same time lose the last two league must spoils. In their favor, the team’s final two league opponents are already ahead of relegated Queens Park Rangers and West Ham seeding, which will hinder the encounter relatively not too large.

Queens Park Rangers last round of guest Ittihad Stadium, 0-6 defeat at the outlet being eager to find people of Blue Moon Manchester City, the team relegation last glimmer of hope extinguished completely declared. And quickly relegated in the first season after the upgrade, the fight against Queen’s Park can imagine; but in grief, they need for the next season long championship season to prepare in advance. Queens Park Rangers nearly four times the face Newcastle suffered four successive defeats in the last 7 times warring 2 draws and five losses, turns out to be suffered enough.


Football betting tips

According to intelligence analysis of epltips88,The sub-field drive Handicap Chupan was to Queens Park master Jean Ping hemisphere low water opening, the current market have been falling off the plate for the Newcastle United Jean Ping hemisphere high water, completely changed Handicap position; Asian plate to the size of the ball more 2.5 ball high water opened, the current gradually rose plate to 2.5 / 3 ball high water, deepening the big ball threshold. The home team has been ahead of downgrade, while the visiting team was about trying to avoid relegation, Newcastle and occupy an overwhelming advantage in terms of war. But it is precisely in this fundamental condition, Handicap from the main to completely change for the customer to make, have made further heat the visiting certain suspicion, nerve knife Newcastle round off war may not be credible.

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