[EPL]Sta. 4 Apr. 2015 Arsenal vs Liverpool

[EPL]Sta. 4 Apr. 2015 Arsenal vs Liverpool

Arsenal 阿森纳 (H) vs Liverpool 利物浦 (A)

2014/15 EPL Round 31

Time:Saturday, April 4, 2015 19:45(GMT+8)


Handicap Recommended (让分推荐):

Arsenal 阿森纳 -0.75


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Soccer analysis(赛事分析):

The most current round of Premier League showdown focus. Arsenal Arsenal last round of the Premier League with a large Giroux scored twice, 2-1 win over league nice boy and get points Qasr linking their recent winning streak in all competitions to refresh the first six games, which is Arsenal so far this season, the longest winning streak; nearly 10 League Arsenal 9-1, and the momentum is quite fierce, in addition to continuously consolidate League third place, also gradually reduce the points gap with Manchester City’s underboss, now they with only one point gap Manchester City, the runner-up target is definitely not a luxury. The visiting team the last round of Premier League Liverpool “Double Red”, before the full momentum also generally optimistic about them from the competition process and results, both rivals Manchester United’s defeat in the foot. Manchester United’s defeat also ended the momentum of the Red Army in the past nine league eight wins and a draw; Liverpool, currently ranked No. 5 league, five points behind Manchester United, the situation tends to fight four passive. Arsenal face Liverpool nearly 10 times, a record of four wins, four draws and two losses, five home 2 wins, 2 draws and one defeat, the war can be described as well-matched; this season, both league opener at Anfield played a classic battle of twists and turns, eventually In injury time the game was unable to stop the Red Army Arsenal defender Skrtel Jagged Qiangdian break, the score was the other successful draw, lost three points.

Betting tips(投注贴士):

According to intelligence analysis of epltips88, Handicap Chupan more to Arsenal hemisphere low water opening, the current market gradually rise disk-based Rangban Yi ball high water main to continue to increase; Asian plate size balls main dish 2.75 places the ball high water by injection . Arsenal round main hemisphere low water, half a ball high water, the highest part of the main warring parties in the past let Handicap. The field-level collision giants, but also a fight four wars league, facing the raging Red Army Liverpool, Arsenal fearless rose plate, is expected to rule the roost in their own home.


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