[EPL]26/4/2015 (Sun.) Arsenal vs Chelsea - Football game betting Tips

[EPL]26/4/2015 (Sun.) Arsenal vs Chelsea – Football game betting Tips

Arsenal (H) vs Chelsea (A)

2014/15 EPL Round 34

Time:26/4/2015 (Sun.) 20:30(GMT+8)


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Football analysis:

Arsenal’s FA Cup semi-final last weekend, was forced into the British crown Redding opponent 1-1 draw, but ultimately defeated in overtime tough opponent, but also ended their longest winning streak of the season. League side, Arsenal remain eight-game winning streak, nearly 12 league wins and 1 11, 15 13 league wins and 2 losses, and the momentum is quite strong. Taking into account the realities of the points gap teams, Arsenal and Chelsea this field top World War II, strictly speaking, can not be defined as the title race war. But as a derby encounter, as well as among the wealthy, under multiple meanings, or make the game full of hot confrontation. The two sides this season, the league opener, guest Arsenal 0-2 defeat at Stamford Bridge, nearly 7 times played against two draws and five losses, while Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium last 7 times in the face of Chelsea to win only one game.

Chelsea and Manchester United last round of the peak of the war, in which case the game is very passive, with “bar number one,” the grain counterattack goal, 1-0 lore opponents to overcome yet another strong win on the road obstacles. Manchester United‘s tough to win, Chelsea is also a continuation of the recent trend: the game are not easy, but always have the last laugh. Looking to the remainder of the season schedule, the Blues this was their guest at the Emirates Stadium last a devil away; although in the standings, 10 points, Chelsea maintained a huge lead, but still can not be taken lightly, I believe Mourinho will want to own the team announced as early as possible to win.

Football betting tips

According to intelligence analysis of epltips88,The sub-field drive Handicap Chupan to Arsenal lowest intraday low water main to tie the opening, there will have to rise to the main dish Jean Ping hemisphere high water main to further increase the tendency; Asian plate size ball from Chupan 2.5 ball high water dish after another drop of 2.25 ball high water. This field strong collision, past performance is quite unfavorable Versus Arsenal Arsenal continue to increase in the odds to get the ball tends to have the opportunity to compete with rivals fight.


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