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Football Bet Types – Over and Under (大小球)

Over and Under (大小球)


Over and Under Introduction 大小球 玩法介绍

  Over and Under – An Over and Under bet is another type of betting method commonly used by players at Online Sportsbooks. This standard type of betting method is available for all sporting events. An online sportsbook will provide a total number of runs, points, goals, scored in a game. The player than has the option to select whether the total combined number of runs, points, goals by both teams will be under or over the provided sportsbook total.




  Over Under betting is based on the total goals of a game. Generally in football, the bookmakers set 2.5 goal as the line and the punters choose Under 2.5 goals (no-score, 1 goal and 2 goals) or Over 2.5 goals (3 goals or more).There is no draw (push) possibility for this bet. It means you will win or lose your stake at the end of 90 minute time. You have 50% chance to win the bet. No extra-time or penalty shoot outs after 90 minute counts for this type of bet.

Football Over Under 2.5 goals example:


 Under 2.5 Goals = @1.95

 Over 2.5 Goals = @1.90

  Consider that you bet 100 on Under 2.5 goals. If the game ends with 0,1 or 2 goals in total at the end of 90 minutes, your stake will return as 195.It means you have 195-100 = 95 profit. If the game ends with 3 or more goals in total, you lose your stake.For some games, the bookmakers offer under/over 3 goals. It means you will get your stake back if the game ends with 3 goals.


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