Football Bet Types - Correct Score (波胆)

Football Bet Types – Correct Score (波胆)

Correct Score (波胆)

Correct Score Introduction

Correct Score Introduction 波胆 玩法介绍

  Correct score betting is when you place a bet on the final outcome of the a game. This means that if you believe that Manchester United will beat Chelsea with 2-0, then it is possible for you to play on this score, by placing a correct score bet. Correct score is a very hard bet to predict, as everybody has their own personal opinion about how a game will end and only very few are right. Because of the difficulty in predicting the correct score, the odds you get on your investment will be very high in general and makes it possible for you to win a very large amount of money for a small bet if you have some luck and good prediction skills.




  Correct scores are hard to predict, hence you’ll get around 7/1 or above for getting it right on each game. If you take all 10 Premiership games one week and try to call the scores you’ll probably find that you’ll get 2, maybe 3 correct at most. Some weeks you’ll get none at all! Two out of ten is good though, you’ll be getting at least 7/1 twice out of 10 unit stakes, which is profit.You’ve got to remember this when betting on correct scores. It’s alright to get 8 wrong, as long as you get your two correct you’ll be able to make money. No one, no web site, no tipster, can predict all the scores. We can’t, so don’t believe any one who tells you they can call all the scores!

  The most frequent scores are 1-1 or 2-1 (to either team). You’ll therefore find that bookies only give you 6/1 or 7/1 on these. What you need to do is look for value in scores that could potentially be out of the ordinary. For example if you bet on all 10 games to finish with 3-1 scorelines, you might find that in some cases you get an unsuspected winner, for example, Southampton have an off-day and get beaten 3-1 at Bolton, losing 2-1 until the last minute until Bolton get another goal ‘that doesn’t reflect Southampton’s performance’ as the pundits would say. These scorelines could return you 16/1. At these odds you can bet £1 on each of the 10 games, and if you get only 1 winner you’ve profited.


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