Site terms ( 场地名称 )

Football Terminology-Site terms ( 场地名称 )

Site terms 场地名称

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field / pitch 足球场 举行赛事的足球场地,长度应该介乎90至120米(100至130码),宽度则应介乎45至90米(50至100码)。举行国际性赛事的足球场地,长度应该介乎100至110米(110至120码),宽度则应介乎64至75米(70至80码)。场地应为长方形。较长的边界为横边界,较短的则为球门线。 The football field of the event, the length should be between 90-120 meters (100-130 yards), the width should be between 45-90 meters (50-100 yards). International events held in the football field, the length should be between 100-110 meters (110-120 yards), the width should be between 64-75 meters (70-80 yards). Site shall be rectangular. Longer boundary cross the boundary, short compared with the goal line.
midfield 中场    
backfield 后场    
kickoff circle / center circle 中圈    
halfway line 中线    
touchline / sideline 边线 足球的游戏比赛区域两侧的线条。在许多其他运动就被称为侧线。 The touch line is the line on either side of the playing area of a games of rugby league, rugby union and soccer. In many other sports it is called a side-line.
goal line 球门线 在许多户外球类运动,目标线是其中一个团队试图推进球的线条。 In many outdoor ball sports, a goal line is a line which a team attempts to advance the ball or puck towards to score a goal or points.
end line 底线    
penalty mark 罚球点 / 点球    
penalty area 禁区 / 罚球区    
goal area 小禁区 / 球门区