Wenger: Arsenal 2 games scoring 8 goals convincingly confident for the championship

23:00 Beijing time on the evening of October 4

a focus of the battle at the Emirates Stadium started. The final home game of the Arsenal beat Manchester United 3-0 to beat Manchester United on goal difference in second place standings board. After the match, Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger expressed his joy.

Sanchez scored twice in the opening 20 minutes

Sanchez scored twice in the opening 20 minutes

Wenger said: “The whole game we did not give them any scoring opportunities,

it is very important that we start with a wonderful shocked them.” As for the play to his disciples, Wenger also expressed satisfaction: “From Cech to Waugh Walcott, we have an excellent performance. “But Professor also admitted that he” has never coached to maintain the same level of 60 matches of the team, “because” The players are human beings. ”

For the team Wenger expressed satisfaction with the recent situation, he said: “we have a league 5-2 victory over his opponent, this time 3-0, we have achieved eight goals in two tough game, This performance is convincing. ”

For the game’s goal hero Sanchez, Wenger commended as a “top scorer”, but Wenger also said that Chileans groin injury did not recover completely, while next week’s national team has added to its Uncertainties,

Wenger also named in recognition of Walcott: “I must say Walcott in a convincing way to play their role, although he did not score, but he gave the team support in other areas, such as his. The two assists. ”



For victory over the league “nemesis” Manchester United, Wenger calm face

he said:. “Last year we won them in the FA Cup, it is a very important win games but really, in the last year we did not win against them recently years are also. but this game proved, as long as you play well, you can win. ”

After the game Arsenal 5 wins, 1 draw and 2 defeats to beat Manchester United on goal difference standings ranked second, with the standings the first two points of Manchester City, only a thin, which makes Wenger is confident his issue “Declaration of the title race,” he said: “The victory in this heavyweight tournament always represents a declaration, we are in the title race group, leader Manchester City and we have two points behind, so I hope that today’s result It allows us to have plenty of confidence for the championship! “