Barcelona nearly four years less 28 Real Madrid a penalty C Luo Messi 23 hits 16 times

Blow a penalty, the penalty is one of the most crucial football.

From the outside, the team of care, the penalty amount should be more. In recent years, Real Madrid and Barcelona in La Liga, whose penalty more? Only the first impression, the Real Madrid penalty seems to be more – to C Lo Chinese fans dubbed the “ball jade”, meaning a little more than the number one; foreign fans are to C Luo named penaldo (penalty Luo ). In fact, in the last four seasons as a reference, Barca’s penalty was not much less than Real Madrid.

Messi penalty shot

Messi penalty shot

2015-16 season, Barcelona in La Liga five penalties, which ranked No. 1 in the league

but throw three times (twice Messi penalty throw, throw Neymar 1), only hit two goals (Messi and Neymar hit); Real Madrid La Liga this season, only 1 was a penalty, C Luo hit.

2014-15 La Liga season, Real Madrid won a total of 13 penalties, including 11 free throws (C Luo into the penalty 10, Bell 1), two free throws. Barcelona get seven times over the same period a penalty opportunity, scoring six goals, free throws a ball. This six penalty into the penalty, five Messi penalty into, one is Neymar into the penalty. Throw away a penalty, Messi also missed.



2013-14 La Liga season, Barcelona get 11 penalties

10 scored (Messi into six, a small law 2, Neymar 1, Iniesta 1), a penalty throw (Messi shot loss); Real Madrid get six penalty, penalty into the whole, C Luo arranged all six penalty.

2012-13 La Liga season, Real Madrid get nine penalties, 7 free throws (where C Luo into the penalty six, Kaka penalty into one), two free throws; Barcelona received only five penalties, four penalty Jin (all Macy into the penalty), a penalty throw.

From the 2012-13 season so far, Real Madrid won a total of 29 penalty, penalty into the 25 goals, missed only four times; the same period Barcelona get 28 penalty, penalty into the 22, a total of six times missed. Contrast C Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, La Liga nearly four years, C Luo penalty into 23 goals, Messi penalty into 16 penalty. From this data, the Barcelona four years the penalty was not too much less than Real Madrid.