Big face Chelsea in the Champions League first exposure

Big face Chelsea in the Champions League first exposure

This week, Chelsea will usher in the new season premiere of the Champions League, which is the Blues afford to lose a game, “Daily Mirror”, “Daily Mail”, “Daily Telegraph” and other media confirmed that there are four main Mingqieerxi will be kicked out of the Champions League starter.



Chelsea poor start to the new season

five cruised before the Premier League, the Blues made only 1 win, 3 losses record, already 11 points behind Manchester City, while Chelsea lost a total of 12 goals in the Premiership 20 Team the worst, which makes the Blues suffered a huge crisis.

Bad record status with several commanding Chelsea downturn, whereas the “Daily Mirror newspaper,”said Maccabi Tel Aviv against Chelsea coach Jose Mourinho will be the first major change, which will have four main withdrawal first, respectively, Terry, Matic, Ivanovic and Diego – Costa.

“Daily Mail” and the “Daily Telegraph” gives the same report, 4 star candidates is also consistent starting to fade, and Remy will replace Diego – Costa position, Baba will replace Ivanovic starter, but he served as the left-back, César Azpilicueta Tanco column will return to the right. In addition, Everton starting a war – Gary Cahill will join partner with Zuma defender, Oscar return to starting, while Falcao missed the game because of injury.

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In the pre-match press conference, Chelsea coach Jose Mourinho also confirmed that the team would be starting to adjust

“Yes, Ill make some adjustments, because I had to try to get the team to get extra motivation, I can not not in the lineup to add some other players, give some first stage has been no effort to play the players a chance. ”

In the record downturn, the madman of the first adjustment is necessary, after all, a big-stick policy can stimulate the players power, while taking into account the strength of Maccabi Tel Aviv, Chelsea is also a great opportunity to win even rotation. Perhaps another meaning is that Chelsea will usher in the London derby at the weekend, taking into account the strengths of Arsenal, Mike Mussina also need to get several main holiday.