Conference was preempted, Mourinho swore at Martinez

Conference was preempted, Mourinho swore at Martinez

Expensive for the defending champion Chelsea, the first five games this season, only got 4 points, hit a 29-year worst start in team history. Mourinho will undoubtedly have to endure the most violent attack, team record poor madman naturally calm down over the weekend and Everton battle, he was in the post-match press conference hall and swore at Martinezr.


Martinez did not comity visiting team, let Mourinho angry

Everton lost to Chelsea 1-3, overwhelming negative news related to Chelsea. Although Mourinho still fooling, he said they did not blame the players, do not blame yourself, but in fact his heart is full of anger. British than the mainstream media today on the reports, after the game the first time, Mourinho rushed Martinez Detroit Metal City to vent their anger.

Chelsea loses at Goodison stadium, Mourinho hopes and his disciples leave this sad place as soon as possible, but did not win one of Martinez comity visiting team, the first in the press conference hall to accept a joint visit to the media, which makes this it is very bad mood Mourinho rubbing fire.

When Martinez and major newspapers reporters the rise of chat, Mourinho walked in front of Martinez complained, “Martinez, next time let me go first, because we have to return.” However, Martinez does not feel wrong, “that I can stop, Mourinho.” Mourinho then even directly surged out “Fuck you.” then he left.


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Martinez innuendo Mourinho afford to lose

Mourinho did not follow the practice, accept all major newspaper interview, he afterwards for their actions apologized, he said he had to go, because the press conference schedule properly, return to Chelsea after the departure time has been towed, so he can only take one step ahead to bring his disciples.

Mourinhos interview was interrupted by foul language, Martinez still appeared very restraint, no to violence with violence. He told the media lament, “Chelsea last season, when we win 6-3, Mourinho is so lovely, I hope he is that way.” Obviously, Martinez is in innuendo Mourinho afford to lose. A reporter asked Martinez, whether it will play host to invite Mourinho drink after the game, Everton coach replied, “Of course, Im sure he will come.”