EPL Top 10 highest paid players, Wayne Rooney won the first prize

EPL Top 10 highest paid players, Wayne Rooney won the first prize

The new Premier League season has been open play, this summer, she spent heavily to introduce the Premier League over the strength of the players, if only to calculate the international transfer (excluding transfers between Premier League clubs), to reach 652 million pounds is huge. And today the British media, “Daily Mail” and the statistics of the Premier Leagues top ten paid player, Rooney to £ 260,000 weekly wage became emperor Premier League, while Manchester Citys Sergio Aguero and Yaya Toure are in 240,000 £ weekly earnings tied in second place.



The average annual salary of EPL players for 2.29 million pounds.

Premier League is the worlds most outstanding commercial development league, huge revenue but also to the Premier League in a very generous salary expenditures, average weekly earnings EPL players for £ 44,000, accounting to a salary of 2.29 million pounds. But this is only an average, wages EPL clubs to give even more alarming.

Premier League team Manchester United is the best team in business development in the entire world football, there was only Barcelona, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich can be compared therewith. Holding a huge amount of money, it also allows Manchester United players wages higher than the other team. Rooney in 2014 and Manchester United signed a five-year contract, weekly reach £ 260,000, after the completion of the contract, the chubby will get a total of £ 73 million fortune from the Red Devils. And 260,000 pounds of weekly work let Rooney become emperor Premiership.

Although Rooney gave Manchester United the Premier Leagues highest paid, but in the Premiership teams, Manchester City is undoubtedly the team with the highest total salary, average weekly earnings of the team players £ 96,400, after which the entire world football Paris Real Madrid, the average salary ranked third in the world standings. The income of the top ten players in the Premier League list, the Blue Moon is the list of five players, five people were Aguero (£ 240,000 weekly salary ranked second), Yaya Toure (weekly £ 240,000 ranked second), David Silva (ranked fifth weekly £ 200,000), Sterling (£ 180,000 weekly ranking seventh), Kevin De Bruyne (ranked eighth weekly £ 170,000)


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Liverpool nobody selected the top ten list

Chelsea despite some recent seasons Tyrant style convergence, but also very generous wages, paid player in the Premier League top ten list, a total of three Chelsea players selected, this trio is Eden Hazard (weekly £ 220,000 ranked fourth), Cesc Fabregas (ranked eighth weekly £ 170,000), Jason Eugene Terry (weekly £ 160,000 ranked tenth).

In addition to these nine players, Arsenals German midfielder Mesut Ozil was named to the same list, he ranked sixth with 190,000 pounds of weekly earnings. It is worth mentioning that, in the top five in the Premiership giants Liverpool income no one selected the top ten list.