La Liga salary list: Messi, Ronaldo tied for the top spot with Real Madrid FC Barcelona swept top

La Liga salary list: Messi, Ronaldo tied for the top spot with Real Madrid FC Barcelona swept top

15-16 season in La Liga has lit a fire, the two biggest clubs Real Madrid and Barcelona to the La Liga title challenge again, no big surprise, the League Championship again in between the two teams. Called, return on investment, the power of Real Madrid and Barcelona is based on crazy investments. The daily mail today released the salary top ten list for the new season in La Liga, Barcelona and Real Madrid completed a monopoly on this list, Ronaldo and Messi with 20 million euro annual salary tied at the top, while the Bell salary of 12 million euros in the third, Luis Suarez and Sergio Ramos tied for 4th.


On the revenue side in La Liga with Real Madrid and Barcelona are overlooking others

Real Madrid and Barcelona in La Liga on the ownership of the monopoly is not only reflected in the title, they put in Player salaries is well ahead of the other teams, the post say the future could not be found in this list for many years the third team name. Crazy investments let Real Madrid and Barcelona player introduction and Player salaries accounted for a lot of advantages, it is also one of the main reasons why they endured.

Barcelona, last seasons budget for a stunning 510 million euros, while Real Madrid the number is 530 million euros, two teams compete not only on the pitch, but also race each other in marketing. Huge investment in Barcelona and Real Madrid making a lot of money, generous income but also Barcelona and Real Madrid have more capital to the players out of the high salaries, it is in many other European clubs are unable to do so.

According to statistics from the post, on the revenue side in La Liga with Real Madrid and Barcelona are overlooking others , and no one can challenge their hegemony. Sevilla won two European cups, but they only 99.7 million euros last seasons budget, which is the main reason for why Sevilla could only sell players every summer. Compared with Real Madrid and Barcelona are big money buying behavior, Seville teams can only sell players to ensure the team expenditures and revenues. Sevilla manager told the post that he had hoped that at the end of last season signed Uruguay striker Gaston-Ramirez, but the latter does not want to, because the English team Hull City are interested in signing him, which provide better contracts than Seville.

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La Liga teams a year, spending up to Lionel Messi and Ronaldos salary

Post ball pointed out that La Liga would not talk about Barcelona and Real Madrid, they cannot even in the transfer market and fair competition Premier League clubs because they provide salaries for players than teams in the Premier League. Valencia, last seasons budget was only 89 million euros they Otamendi was sold to Manchester City in the summer. Atletico Madrid as well, their team last summer in the Costa, Felipe Luis were sold to Chelsea.

La Liga teams a year cost up to Lionel Messi and Ronaldos annual salary of € 20 million, Ehrvall Club cost only € 18 million a year. It is reported that half of Spains players earning less than 500,000 euros, and to make matters worse, this figure will be even worse.

1 Messi 20 million euros

1 Ronaldo 20 million euros

3 Bell 12 million euros

4 Luis Suarez 10 million euros

4 Sergio Ramos 10 million euros

6 Neymar 8.8 million euros

7 Karim Benzema  8 million euros

8 Andrés Iniesta  7.5 million euros

9 Ivan Rakitic 7 million euros

9 Toni Kroos 7 million euros