Manchester United is the most team can waste money in Premier League

Manchester United is the most team can waste money in Premier League

Recently, the British media, “Mirror,” according to “Prime Time Sport” in a recent survey reported that the move, in the last three seasons in the Premier League, Manchester United is the best team waste of money, ranking second in the Tottenham, third place Manchester City, Liverpool fourth and fifth are Arsenal, Chelsea sixth. Arsenal Sanchez is considered the most cost-effective player, and Mary is the lowest cost player.

Premier League the past three seasons in the transfer market spent a total of 560 million pounds were signings

According to reports, the main criteria is that after this report is based on a player in the last three seasons came to a new team, does not exceed 50% of the playing time for the new owner, if reached, will prove no fee white, on the contrary, the It is considered a failure. According to this report show, the Premier League the past three seasons (from 2013 since the beginning of the summer) in the transfer market, spent a total of 560 million pounds were signings, Manchester United is unfortunate these three seasons best a waste of money Premier League, while Tottenham is ranked second.

The statistics according to Manchester United in the last three seasons spent 117.7 million pounds of wasted money, ranking second is the Spurs, they spent a total of 100.9 million pounds of money wasted. Third was 53.3 million pounds of Manchester City, the fourth is Liverpools 50.4 million pounds, 34.3 million pounds fifth Arsenal, the sixth is 32.9 million pounds. Visible, can take advantage of a transfer of funds is to ensure the team achieve good results. Manchester City and Chelsea Premiership champion the past two seasons, but they are doing in terms of maximizing the use of resources relative to the best. In contrast Tottenham and Liverpool, after selling Bell and Suarez, they sank into a “lottery scratch” mode, it turns out, many of their subsequent sale are doing badly. While Manchester Uniteds money is even more the feeling of a little headless flies, but a lot of money to burn, but did not see the effect.

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Sanchez is the most Price-performance ratio Arsenal player

The implementation of specific players, the report believes that Mary is the lowest cost player. 2013 Manchester United in the summer from Real Madrid to sign him spent 59.7 million pounds, but worth a year later when his leave is only for the 44 million pounds. The second is the low cost Fellaini, he was the last time Manchester United player come before the 2013 summer transfer deadline, in fact, his performance is not bad, but in the past two seasons in a long time He is being nailed to the bench. While Herrera and Luke circumstances Manchester United did well to where to go, the two players because of different reasons, for Manchester United playing time is only 55% and 33% of the time, while Mary is only 48%.

Finally, the report believes that Arsenals Sanchez is most cost-effective player. The Chileans Although worth up to 30 million pounds, but his diligent attitude, tenacious style of game, as well as the most practical scoring goals, making him the outstanding player in the eyes of many experts. And he was a man of iron, according to statistics, his playing time has occupied 86% of the total time, it can be said Wenger invested in Sanchez who was receiving a great deal of revenue.