Manchester United Legends 4-2 Reversal Liverpool Legends

Manchester United Legends 4-2 Reversal Liverpool Legends

Manchester United Legends and Liverpool Legends in Sweden Friendship Stadium Mount de Gore played a charity game, which is the two traditional giants of EPL, to raise money for their respective club Foundation of the meaning of race. Bobosiji York meritorious deeds for Manchester United, Liverpool “God” Fowler twice in the box, the final Manchester United Legends 4-2 reversal Liverpool Legends.

Manchester United Legends VS Liverpool Legends

The first 24 minutes to tie the game Manchester United veterans

Manchester United Legends has Bobosiji, York and other former champion, Liverpool Legends returned Dudek, Hengqiao Zi, Harman, Smicer, Ian – Ian Rush, Robbie – Fowler and other pupils played. Since this is a charity game, both players may be replaced after the end, once again go into battle. Made the first goal for Liverpool veteran team, the first 20 minutes, “Istanbul miracle” to break the Czech midfielder Smicer, catch Manchester United goalkeeper Van der Hu siege mistakes head start, Liverpool 1-0 lead.

The first 24 minutes Manchester United Legends to tie the game, Keith – Keith Gillespie Direct Czech football legend Bobosiji scored the equalizer goal, the two teams drew 1-1. The first 34 minutes ahead of Manchester United, “heifengshuangsha” Trinidad and Tobago striker, one of York, later had lost goalkeeper Jerzy Dudek push Buddhism succeeded, Manchester United 2-1 lead.

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Manchester United Legends and Liverpool Legends

Manchester United Legends

Final Manchester United Legends 4-2 Reversal Liverpool Legends

After the second half Easy side battles, Liverpool put West Vader, replaced Dudek. Manchester United Legends continues to put pressure on the first 49 minutes, West Vader Shoupao Qiu was cut under Dejo Silajdzic, now 33-year-old Serbian winger seize the opportunity to rewrite the score 3-1. The first 60 minutes, Blomqvist broke the offside trap, the Manchester United Legends a 4-1 lead. The first 80 minutes, Borg biography, Louis – Garcia and then pass, Thompson scored 1 goal for Liverpool Legends, Fowler hit the woodwork twice but could not break, the final Manchester United Legends 4-2 victory over Liverpool Legends.