Arsenal announced Welbeck surgery sidelined for several months

Arsenal announced Welbeck surgery sidelined for several months

Arsenal striker weak season offensive capability is being questioned, the Gunners fans expect this team to introduce other powerful striker Cavani, but nothing came. Today, the Arsenal striker suffered another blow, Arsenal striker general Welbeck official announcement has been knee surgery, he will therefore be sidelined for several months. Since April this year, has been missing because of injury Welbeck war, he hoped by the methods of conservative treatment to restore physical condition, but the effect is not ideal. Helpless, Arsenal finally decided to let the surgery.


Arsenal executives decided to let Welbeck knee surgery

Welbeck from Manchester United last summer to join Arsenal, his arrival was Arsenal found a person can get the ball in the frontcourt maintained. In general, before Welbeck played in Arsenal still reach the pass line, but since the end of April this year, Welbeck left the stadium because of injury. Four rounds before the new league season, Arsenal only scored three goals, and there is the other two goals scored oolong, which allows fans doubly miss Welbeck. There have been rumors that Wenger will be in the final moments before the transfer window closes to sign Paris Saint-Germain Cavani, but the fact that this is just a rumor.

No new striker to the importance of the more prominent Welbeck out, fans eager to rejoin its early. However, things difficult as people would like, Welbeck had physical therapy effect is not good, his bodily functions never been able to return to the best state. Arsenals official website said the teams medical staff Welbeck recent rehabilitation increased the amount of training, but the latter of cartilage damage and no corresponding response, a direct result of the black shell knee rehabilitation progress very smoothly. Although the team now in urgent need of Welbeck played the enemy, but taking into account the players career, Arsenal Wenger finally decided to executives and let Welbeck knee surgery.

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Arsenal Welbeck

Arsenal officials said Welbeck will therefore be sidelined for several months again

Arsenal officials said Welbeck will therefore be sidelined for several months again, and now he can not be expected to rejoin the time, the official website said the team from top to bottom everyone to Welbeck sent a blessing, I hope he can recover soon.

With the lack of war Welbeck again a few months, leaving Arsenal striker Giroux, Walcott, Campbell and Sanchez are available, which makes Wenger formations more stretched on the front. Throughout the summer, Wenger in the transfer market Cech signed only one person, the other positions are not reinforced, very few people optimistic about their prospects for the new seasons title race. Last season, Welbeck 34 appearances for Arsenal, scoring eight goals.