Manchester United 50 million signing Anthony Martial

Manchester United 50 million signing Anthony Martial

Dott CEO Hans Joachim Watzke spoke about the recent European football more pen big deal, he lamented that “the current transfer market is crazy,” is true, according to the French “Equipe” message, even though Manchester United offer 50 million Euro buy Monaco star Anthony Martial, but still rejected the others asking price of up to 80 million Euro, Monaco ways even want to join the Mexican striker Hernandez transaction. However, according to the French Football Federation, said Anthony Martial Monaco has agreed to leave, he would Yuanfuyinglun contract with Manchester United.

Trading on Anthony Martial, Monaco hopes to obtain at least 70 million Euro return

If a 19-year-old can Maotouxiaohuo body income transfer fee of 50 million euros, which has presumably attractive to any team, but Monaco does not think so, “Equipe” said it plans in Monaco where Hekmatyar and Bernardo – Silva are the same as the teams not for sale, unless it can receive 70 million -8000 million euro transfer fee in the transfer market. That is, in trading on Hekmatyar, Monaco hopes to get at least 70 million Euro in return, it was too big opening.

“Equipe” referred to the Monaco release Hekmatyars another possibility that Manchester United will join Hernandez transaction, but will join Leverkusen at present a small pea, the UK and Germany mainstream media this was confirmed, we can see that such a path can not go through.

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Anthony Martial between Manchester United and agreed on personal terms

“Le Parisien” In today revealed that between Manchester United and Anthony Martial agreed on personal terms, that is to say, the players agreed to come to the Theatre of Dreams, just waiting for the Monaco release. The French media said that Monaco is currently the latest asking price is 60 million euros outside Jialuo Huo, while the German “transfer market” valuation of the Argentine defender is 18 million euros, showing that such an asking price of 78 million euros worth.

Anthony Martial was born December 5, 1995, on behalf of Monaco last season in 48 appearances in all competitions, scoring 12 goals, and another five assists. Deschamps published in French squad on the latest issue, Anthony Martial list, after Barcelona also hope to introduce this name star to replace Pedro leave.