Manchester City signed Kevin De Bruyne to help Chelsea make money

Manchester City signed Kevin De Bruyne to help Chelsea make money

Manchester City official announcement Belgian midfielder Kevin De Bruyne officially joined the team signed a contract with a period of six years. According to media reports, Kevin De Bruyne transfer fee of up to 54 million pounds (about 74 million euros), second only to Manchester United last years Argentine star Di Maria is transferred to the players second highest transfer fee in Premier League history.

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Manchester City drew strength reinforcements purpose is very clear

Kevin De Bruyne who hesitate to spend big bucks to spend billions of dollars (transfer fee + salary) to improve their overall competitiveness improved team frontcourt offensive boost. Manchester City also expect him to produce “chemical reaction” and Stirling, Aguero, Silva, who make the team competitive in the Premier League, while also hope to achieve a breakthrough in the Champions League too.

But in addition to raise the economic level of the teams outside, Kevin De Bruyne transfer to the Premier League also “Quxianjiuguo” effect. Currently second in the fight for the Bundesliga and the Premier League, two clubs in the UEFA national championship is almost the same, he hired German Footballer of the new Division and Bundesliga-class midfielder, weakening the Bundesliga teams strength, perhaps it makes the Premier League team in the game against Wolfsburg when the war in Europe is also able to account for some cheap.

Directly benefit the city rivals Manchester United. Zhou Zhonggang announced in the Champions League group stage draw, Manchester United and Bundesliga Wolfsburg a group with the same score, the Wolfsburg midfielder and attack the brain poached impact on Wolfsburgs strength to bring self-evident, but let Manchester United benefit directly accounted for some opportunities in the Champions League showdown.

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Kevin De Bruyne return to the Premier League for Chelsea fans seem a bit weird smells

Young people despise Mourinho year is Xingaoqiao Kevin De Bruyne, despise him not ignore the hard body of Kevin De Bruyne football talent, but now Kevin De Bruyne to return to the Premier League a stronger stance, I do not know whether there is MourinhoI had a trace of regret? But Chelsea is concerned, Kevin De Bruyne the deal but also profitable. Year from Genk hired Kevin De Bruyne Chelsea spent only 7 million of the cost of leased Bremen after year to recover half of the season with 20 million sold for the price of Wolfsburg, which has earned a double??

This time, Kevin De Bruyne back Premier League Manchester City, Chelsea and Wolfsburg in accordance with the transfer agreement signed in the second transfer into Chelsea can be assigned to a certain percentage of payments. According to British media estimated that an amount at least there are millions. For Chelsea, he abandoned his players do not have access, but from his transfer to get tangible benefits, may well be a good trading!