Ramsey scored by blown offside Arsenal 0-0 Liverpool

Ramsey scored by blown offside Arsenal 0-0 Liverpool

2015-16 season, the third round during a clash in the Premier League, Arsenal face Liverpool. First kudiniao twice hit the woodwork,Cech Savior, Ramsey scored offside, Sanchez also hit the post in the second half, Arsenal 0-0 draw with Liverpool, arsenal home winlessLiverpools twogame winning streak ended.

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Recent seven League encounters between the two teams

Arsenal won 4-2-1, winning well above Liverpool. Gunmen took home League game against Liverpool, last 15-8-6-1 in the Premier League, dominated. Per Mertesacker and Laurent koscielny absent because of injury, Chambers and Gabriel partner centre-half, Liverpool, Captain Henderson could not play due to injury.

The first 2 minutes, Benteke the penalty area right cross, kudiniao volley hit the crossbar. The first 5 minutes, Monreal cross, Sanchez shot high in the air. The first 8 minutes, Cazorla direct, Ramsey left the area shovel neat referee considered offside, replays showed Ramsey was not offside.

The first 9 minutes, Benteke shot from Petr Cech got to break through to the penalty area. The first 18 minutes, Gabriel, then a corner headed goal, confiscated by Mignolet. The first 24 minutes, Chambers errors, kudiniao direct, Milner shot in the penalty area was parried by Petr Cech.

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Both teams eventually drew 0-0

The first 39 minutes, after the beilailin pass, Firmino after the ball crosses, Benteke front shovel shot, Cech amazing save the ball, after a corner kick out of, Firmino right-hand side to volley was parried by Cechs leg. 45 minutes, kudiniao across beilailin shot after shot and Petr Cech flapping the ball, the ball hit the right post pop-up, 0-0 draw with Liverpool in the arsenal half.

On 57 minutes, Girouxs long-range shot. On 60 minutes, Cazorla diagonal, Giroux area road, stopped the ball, Sanchez shot hit the left post. 70th minute Mesut ozil points, beilailin direct, Aaron ball, Giroux turned down a shot Mignolet magic ball out. On 71 minutes, Milner shot confiscated by Cech. 1 minute later, Giroux return, Ramsey shot from Mignolet received the ball.

On 81 minutes, kudiniao after the break shot, Petr Cech flapping the ball out. On 82 minutes, Ramsey long shot hit the Lovren wire, causing Mignolet to dispose of. On 84 minutes, shiketeer tackles a bailout almost scored own goal when, after a corner kick was cleared, Chamberlains long-range shot. Both teams eventually drew 0-0.