Arsenal coach Wenger: No sympathy for Liverpool lose good players, not afraid Benteke

Arsenal coach Wenger: No sympathy for Liverpool lose good players, not afraid Benteke

Before the game with Liverpool, arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger is still Luis sales to Red Army refused to give them to heart, Red Army lost Stirling this summer, he expressed no sympathy for two summers in a row loses its core of Rodgers.

Arsenal Wenger

No sympathy for Rodgers, because Liverpool had not been sold Luis Suarez

Last summer, after the loss of Suarez, Stirling was poached by Manchester City this summer, Liverpool lose core two summers in a row, Wenger did not sympathize with Rodgers about this, because the reds that year refused to sell Su Shen to Premier League rivals arsenal, he told the guardian of London and the Sun newspaper and other media: “Liverpool have made their own decision. They refused to sell Luis Suarez, so I cannot be too sympathetic towards them. ”

Wenger also talked about has just joined the city of Stirling, who publicly seek a move to become enemies of the Liverpool fans, but said he did not make a move, and very powerful: “I think Sterlings strength, dont think he created a lot of drama. Last season, he is very quiet, never made any silly statements, he is a player with quality. 2 years ago, he and Suarez and Daniel Sturridge 3 who scored more than 100 goals, you need a special talent scored more than 100 goals in the Premier League, but Stirling is a part of. ”

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Liverpool hired Benteke from Aston Villa

Liverpool hired Benteke from Aston Villa this summer , but Arsenals defence has always been afraid of this type of striker, when Didier Drogba, for instance, repeatedly ravaged the Gunners defense. Wenger said: “we have training, but last year we and Benteke played in the FA Cup final, meet here. Every game is a new challenge, we want to prove that you can defend him. ”

After the home defeat by West Ham United in the first round, gunmen certainly will to win in this game: “is different for Liverpool and West Ham. If you analyze the match against West Ham, you will find that we do not miss the chance, 20 times play this kind of game, you can win 19 times. If you want to win the League, you have to win home games, occasionally upset losing a is normal, but in general you need the home field advantage. ”