German media revealed the transfer fee of Schweinsteiger only 9 million euros

German media revealed the transfer fee of Schweinsteiger only 9 million euros

This summer Germany fans known as “the God of football” Bastian Schweinsteiger from Bayern Munich to Manchester United, was revealed the transfer fee of only € 20 million, many fans think is not worth it. But recently Germany media material, said Bastian Schweinsteiger transfer fees lower than the outgoing, Manchester United just paid 9 million euro transfer fee for him! In addition, Bastian Schweinsteiger when interviewed recently spoke about the relationship between Guardiola and, he said, not because of Guardiola he left, his relationship with Guardiola is still good. Bastian Schweinsteiger revealed that as early as 2013 when he decided he wanted to leave Bayern Munich to play abroad.

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Bastian Schweinsteiger transfer to Manchester United from Bayern Munich

Germany media sport pictures news that Germany Captain Schweinsteiger from Bayern Munich Manchester United rumors of transfer fees is not 20 million euros, but only 9 million euros! Germany media reported that Bayern as so willing to play for Schweinsteiger dreams had cleared all the obstacles, on the issue of transfer fees and no set up too many obstacles, Schweinsteiger can easily join and access to better treatment of individuals. Even so, Germany media continues to believe that such a transfer fee with Schweinsteiger football God “does not match, Bayern Munich too lost.

A lot of people unhappy with Schweinsteiger transfer, some people may think that Bayern Munich is Guardiola to Schweinsteiger cleaned off the team. For such speculation, Schweinsteiger gave his response, he said relations between himself and Guardiola is very normal, “a normal relationship between Guardiola and me, I decided to leave the team after we send messages to each other and talked for a while. I actually quit the team in 2010, taking into account, but I think Bayern Munich in what is not complete. 2013 Triple Crown then I tell senior my desire to leave. ”

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Schweinsteiger has been very much like Manchester United

Schweinsteiger said in a previous interview had coached Bayern Munich, and will itself into a world-class midfielder Louis van Gaal was the main reason he chose the reds, his older brother, now Bayern Munich youth coaches, Tobias said, Schweinsteiger has been very much like Manchester United, “when he was a child there is a clock, it is Manchester United song. “Schweinsteiger is now United to achieve his dream of playing abroad, in an interview, he said Manchesters weather is very good,” neither weather nor the restaurant is very good, there are so many fans supporting Manchester United, this is the part that Im particularly impressed. ”