Champions League playoff Depay 2 Goals! Manchester United 3-1 Reverse Brugge

Champions League playoff Depay 2 Goals! Manchester United 3-1 Reverse Brugge

2015-16 season, the focal point of the Champions League play-off first leg, Manchester United at Old Trafford against Brugge, United 3-1 beat Brugge, Carrick to own in the first half, then Depays scored twice, Central Defender Mechele, Brugge two yellow after being sent off in the second half Depay set up marouane Fellaini.


This game is the two teams met in European competition for the first time

In Europe, Manchester United at home and the Belgium team drove 3 times, 3 times is Anderlecht, Manchester United victory in 18 games lost 1 goals in Brugge on the road and England teams play a total of 11 2-9.Man United started exactly like last weekends Premier League, the bench for a change: the League suspended marouane Fellaini replaced Phil McNally, David de GEA continued without the squad. Ferguson this farm to watch.

The first 3 minutes, Rooneys pass, Depays break through to the edge of the area shot Bruzzese and get the ball. The first 8 minutes, basikeci free kick opened the midfield ball rubbing against the wall yanuzhayi a bit of change, Carrick leg first gear 14 yards, the ball flew into the left corner, United 0-1 Bruges. Basikeci is born the Barcelona youth team, Messis team-mate.

The first 13 minutes, Michael long, Depays pick after chesting the ball past Coors run into the area right foot low shot from 12 yards, the ball flew into the right corner,Man United 1-1 Brugge. The first 15 minutes, Lisa warmer shot higher. The first 24 minutes, basikeci out of the right corner, Coors qiangdian shot 10 yards, Romero got the ball.

The first 25 minutes, mubobo foul on yanuzhayi got a yellow card. Then Depays long shot was blocked out of the bottom line. Depays out tactics on the left corner, Mata cross from the left, Rooney shot 10 yards down the application list, guard blocked off the line. On 28 minutes, straight, yanuzhayi Du Ate and plug body against down in the penalty area, goalkeeper Gets the ball. Motioned to referee Aytekin Du Ate yanuzhayi had two flops, the referee ignored.

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Manchester United 3-1 Reverse Brugge 2

Start of the second half, Manchester United Substitute Bastian Schweinsteiger

The first 46 minutes, Mata box shot Bruzzese and get the ball. On 47 minutes, Depays down the inside right foot shot from 16 yards. 50 minute, Damian tactical fouls to stop the opponent back received a yellow card. On 52 minutes, Depays road after the break shot from Bruzzese save the bottom line.

On 58 minutes, Juan Mata pass, Rooney is the edge of the area stopped turned and shot the ball. On 60 minutes, Schneider Derlin return force small, Romero aolalei closing down following a pass to the opponent, but fortunately the referee blowing aolalei foul. On 64 minutes, counter 3 Manchester United 3, Luke Shaw cross from the right and Rooneys heel clever ball in the penalty area, unguarded Depays 12-yard right foot shot fly.

On 71 minutes, Damian long shot was parried. On 72 minutes, Hernandez replaced yanuzhayi, this is a small pea appeared for the first time this season. On 73 minutes, Mei Qielei pulled Rooney received a yellow card. Depays penalty kick right foot shot from 30 yards. The 76 minute, Bastian Schweinsteiger shot blocked off the line. The first 80 minutes, Mechele behind Hernandez led the 2nd yellow card was sent off.

On 82 minutes, Smalling tackle aolalei received a yellow card. On 84 minutes, Rooney was replaced by marouane Fellaini. 88 minutes, Luke Shaw cross from the left, points when Fellaini header top-8 yards. The 91 minute, Lisa warmer tactical fouls to prevent back received a yellow card. 94 minutes, Depays left-wing cross, marouane Fellaini headed goal 6 yards, the ball flew into the right corner, in the end, Manchester United beat Brugge 3-1.