EPL Premier League Liverpool 1-0 Bournemouth won 2 games in a row!

EPL Premier League Liverpool 1-0 Bournemouth won 2 games in a row!

2015/16 season, the EPL Premier League 2nd round final, with new signing since joining Christian Benteke an official event of the first goal, Liverpool beat promoted sides 1-0 Bournemouth, Liverpool received two successive League, n6 points equaled Manchester United,  Manchester City and Leicester City.


Christian Benteke scores first Liverpool goal


This is the first time in history in the League, drove after the Cup 6 meetings between the two teams, Liverpool 4-2 unbeaten. Rogers out with the same starting lineup in the first round. The first 5 minutes, Bournemouth corners making threats, Peter Elphick head hammer break, referee whistle he pushed Lovren, goal. 20 minutes before the game, Bournemouth played better grip on the ball and passing better. The first 24 minutes, Bournemouth mistakes Bentke from 25 yards shot slightly out.

On 26 minutes, Liverpool took the lead, Henderson left the tactical corner biography, follow-up after Christian Benteke air cushion the ball into the net, 1-0. Bournemouth players sign in the middle of kudiniao offside, while Brazil have not touched the ball, but he is moving back the ball from an offside position, according to the new Premier League rules, which means that he intends to participate in the attack, offside, United Kingdom media generally think that the ball is controversial. On 29 minutes, Henderson, the edge of the box volley ball rubbing beams fly out of the bottom line. 44 minutes, Liverpool missed, kudiniao tries to straight to the Teke failed, but the ball fell to his feet, direct low shot wide of the far post. Wars of the first half, the reds 1-goal lead.

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Liverpool win over Bournemouth for 1 goal


Bournemouth strengthen offensive, but Ritchie shot two consecutive failed to threaten Mignolet. On 54 minutes, Christian Benteke another threat, he left the ball back to Abby, who broke into the penalty area low cross found James Milner, James Milner fired out. On 60 minutes, Bournemouth almost equalised, Matt Ritchie-the edge of the areas shot was parried by column.

86 minutes, Bournemouth right corner making threats Tomlin grab shot higher in a melee in the penalty area. The first 90 minutes, Christian Benteke nearly extended scores, Kleins low cross beams in the Christian Benteke the outside shot. The end of the game, Liverpools win.