Sergio Aguero Goal! Manchester City 3-0 Defeat Chelsea!

Sergio Aguero Goal! Manchester City 3-0 Defeat Chelsea!

In the first two EPL Premier League last night in Manchester Citys 3-0 home win over defending champions Chelsea. And the game is undoubtedly the best-performing Manchester City striker Sergio Aguero, although Chelsea goalkeeper Begovic many brave save from Sergio Agueros shot, but still in the first 31 minutes Sergio Aguero scored a brilliant feed goals to help Manchester City lead.


Aguero eligible praised as “Michael Jordan of football.”

Race to the first 31 minutes, Aguero had the ball outside the box passed the ball to Yaya – Toure, who then pick the ball back pass, Aguero homeopathic buckle chest after stopping over Cahill, then both fell to the ground ahead of plugging Matic and Terry poke the ball into the goal corner. And in addition to this goal, Sergio Aguero in the field as well as many excellent shot and a breakthrough, just because Chelsea goalkeeper Begovic was not too brave able to penetrate more goals.

In the first 83 minutes Sergio Aguero is replaced Boni won fans in the audience applause, Aguero in the “Daily Mail” ratings in the audience to get the highest score of 8.5 points. Excellent state Aguero conquered not only football, and even basketball circles are full of praise for him. NBA Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey on Twitter said, “I have not a lot of football to understand, but in football wearing the number 10 shirt seems like a basketball wearing 23, Aguero to Chelsea in Manchester in performance is amazing. ”

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Manchester City Manuel Pellegrini praised for Aguero

In the most famous basketball legend Michael Jordan is wearing No. 23, after more than a basketball star Michael Jordan have chosen to follow this number, it seems at least understand football manager Daryl Morey on the 10th as No. 23 as basketball has a special meaning. Aguero past wearing jersey No. 16 in Manchester, but this season, leaving the team with the dominant and Aguero finally got the symbolic key players jersey No. 10.

Manchester City coach Manuel Pellegrini is also full of praise for Aguero, “He has now reached 100% of the state, 45 minutes before Sergio Agueros performance is simply incredible, but Begovic do out of the three key saves, this makes no Aguero scored three or four goals. I think he is now the best time of his career, he told us it is a very important player. he on on the good performance of the season, he won the Premier League Golden Boot, I believe this season Aguero can play better in the past few months he has a great improvement. “