Team doctor Eva asked Mourinho public apologies or prosecute Chelsea

Team doctor Eva asked Mourinho public apologies or prosecute Chelsea

Chelsea Manager Jose Mourinho punishment isolation doctor Eva stood firm, while Eva will not furuan, the daily mail disclosed she asked Mourinho publicly apologized and sought legal advice, and might even Sue Chelsea. Former Blues team doctor Rogers shares the view of Mourinho and his Eva was an “innocent celebrity doctor”.

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Mourinho has banned Eva in the game into the bench

The daily mail said this is not the first José and Eva conflict, while Jose Mourinho on Wednesday under pressure from all sides. Owner Roman Abramovich and Mourinho openly criticized a senior Club in the TV station employees furious controversy; Chelsea top worry Eva, asking for a public apology, even sued the Club, this could lead to concern labor disputes; sports medicine authority, former Liverpool chief team doctor Peter brukner said Mourinhos behavior a “shocking”.

Criticism of Mourinho in the media it is understood that the Chelsea top of Eva was shocked, and Roman Abramovich has been Club public relations is very sensitive to bad, the outside world currently support Eva unanimously condemning Mourinho. Jose Mourinho after the public voice, Chelsea hope to unite, forgive, but Ivan feels Jose Mourinho questioned the professionalism of her, she refused to back down. Federation of medical staff in the EPL Premier League to support Eva, condemned Mourinho health more important results than the players.

They said: “out of the Chelsea coaching staff Eva is extremely unfair. When in Swansea, Chelsea Physio is obviously the referee motioned to March under the treatment of players. Refused to stage undermine the responsibilities of doctors treating the wounded. Eva doctors adhere to professional standards and was placed under the medias microscope is very worrying, she received the premier doctor Association of peer support. ”

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Ralph Rogers criticized her as a “naïve celebrity doctor”

But not everyone supports the Eva, former Chelsea team doctor Ralph Rogers criticized her as a “naïve celebrity doctor”: “If you are a doctor, cant focus, you have to recognize the Clubs position, youre not a player. Thanks to outside support was naïve on her Facebook, it will enrage any man. What is she trying to get? Shes bigger than coach? You cant win. ”

Rogers has served under Carlo Ancelotti and Boas, left Chelsea in 2011, Eva was promoted to a team doctor after he left and now acts as consultant of NBA, Rogers went on to say: “you are only a member of the coaching staff, to do a good job, not a cheerleader. You can use or to avoid trouble, but she chose to use. You are not a celebrity, not being a celebrity doctor, to be realistic. ”