Arsenal spend 86 million want to acquisit Mario Götze and Julian Draxler

Arsenal spend 86 million want to acquisit Mario Götze and Julian Draxler

Arsenal lost to West Ham United in the first round of the EPL Premier League, Arsène Wenger very dissatisfied, United Kingdom, the Daily Telegraph said the Professor intends to spend 86 million poundacquisit Mario Götze and Julian Draxler. Spain the Aspen daily news that Wenger eyeing Lucas Silva Borg.


Arsenals Luck Worsened


After beating Chelsea won the Community Shield, Arsenals luck worsened, first Wilshire seriously needs to rest for a few weeks, then in a first-round game against West Ham United in the Premier League, arsenal sewer capsizes, Wenger was looking forward to fulfilling a 0-2 instead of the crop fell. Now, Benzema is also stalled, Spain from Manchester City for 70 million euro offer France striker message, taking into account only under Manuel Pellegrini Boni and Aguero has two front Blaster, such a message is not groundless.

Perhaps against West Hams defeat stung arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger, the Daily Telegraph revealed that in the summer transfer window, Wenger wants to continue big signings. Shock to the outside world is that Wenger had planned two Bundesliga midfield genius in one breath, Mario Gertze and Julian Draxler, respectively.

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Arsenal lose the match

Arsenal pay attention to Mario Götze and Julian Draxler

Mario Götze currently Bayerns future also is very subtle, in an interview, Germany midfielder said “the past two years is definitely not easy, let us see what will happen. If Guardiola can talk to me, then everything works, except this one thing, it remains to be seen. “In the United Kingdom media, this statement was seen by Arsenals sake the opportunity to poach.

Julian Draxler attracted arsenals attention not only few days, the Schalke star also coveted by Juve this week, Juve will again offer to the Schalke, while arsenals sudden intervention must have the Serie a title by surprise. The Daily Telegraph said, acquisition strategy and Drachsler, arsenal ready for 86 million pounds of the transfer fee, suggesting the gunmen prepared to deal or no deal in the transfer market.

According to the Aspen daily news, in the defensive midfield position, arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger hopes Real Madrid midfielder Lucas Silva, it is learnt that the professors hope that Brazil can compete with kekuilin. Lucas Silva in the winter window for Real Madrid this year, but under Rafa Benitez, he has become completely marginalized.