Man City Yaya Touré Two Goals!Return of the King!

Manchester City Yaya Touré Two Goals!Return of the King!

Fighting away at West Bromwich Albion, Manchester City 3:0 bloodshed. Throughout this service, Toure played for Blue Moons victory is essential, especially after just 25 minutes, “Africa Monster” 2 shot gave the team a 2-goal lead.


1th round in the EPL Premier League: Manchester City 3-0 West Bromwich Albion

The opening 9 minutes, Kolarov left a pass into the area, Silva turned and shot, right of Navas caught the ball to Toure, who shot off defender refracted on the foot, the ball slowly into the far corner of the goal. The first 24 minutes, feiernandiniao to Toure, after the Ivorians to Boni, who called him back, tuleida the penalty area near the top of the right foot curve ball broke again.

Just 25 minutes, Toure used two shot brought dream start for Manchester City. Touré, throughout the whole of the personal data, Toure totals only 2 shots, and this 2 foot shot brought him 2 goals. In addition, a total of 86 passing, success rate of a staggering 96.5%. Player ratings, whoscored to his data was 8.8 points, of course, is the best.

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Yaya Touré is the MVP in this match

Last season, Toures performance compared with last season fell significantly, especially offensively, 8 goals in the EPL Premier League before the data is difficult to compare win season (20 goals). In addition, the Ivorians on the pitch relatively idle running, Neville, who also criticized that British media heat transfer Toure this summer are going to go. However, from the actual location and importance of capacity, Toure Manchester City status no one beat, and thats why Pellegrini does not send him away.

In addition, Touré, in addition to the strong recovery in Manchester City Kompany another big guy is also good, Belgium centre-back in the second half also had a lions head to score. After scoring, he even climbed the electronic billboards, to away fans in the stands, going to heaven and ROAR! As with Kolo Toure, Kompany last season but also a variety of bad reviews, needed to prove his his season opener to produce good results, especially defensively airtight.

3:0 after the win over West Brom, Manchester City by virtue of superior goal difference occupied the top spot, the next blue moon will be at home against Chelsea. Face title rivals Manchester City pressure is not small.